Vegan mixes make it easy to try delicious, healthy legume dishes from around the world.

Our founder, Susan Rehman, traveled the world and realized every culture has delicious and unique ways of preparing lentils, dry peas and beans. These traditional dishes tend to be the staple protein of the common people. These foods are naturally high protein, high fiber, and high in vitamins and minerals--in addition to being a great value. Legumes are also excellent for the environment; they are low carbon input and enrich the soil in which they are grown. Plus, dehydrated foods take the least carbon to ship and store.

"Just add water and simmer!"

​She started making dry mixes to make it simple for her college age kids to cook a delicious, nutritious, international meal. All the myriads of spices and flavorings are included. What began as care packages has become a business with hundreds of loyal customers. Now you can order a care package for yourself or for loved ones and explore international vegan cuisine!

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